Setting an Arbitrary BluePrint variable from C++

Silly question I’m sure, but have not been able to figure it out.

What I’m looking to do is, to be able to access an arbritary variable that is defined in a BluePrint (i.e. not defined in C++), and to be able to access the value of the variable, as well as set the variable, when the computation represented by the Blueprint node is done.

So if you will

The left side of the BP node will have the pins for taking N inputs, and the right side of the BP node would conceivably have nothing but the EXEC pin. With the BP node, doing some action X, on the input, and then setting some or all of the input variables directly, such that they do not have to have BP Set nodes. Nor should the C++ code know anything about the incoming variables, beyond the type. As well as being able to do this for Strings, Integers, etc. i.e. base types.

Hopefully I have explained this well enough, and thanks to all in advance.

Here you go:

Thank you, worked like a champ!

Thank you!