Setting actor location replicated

Hey everyone,

I’ve set up a Main Menu to try and test out some new multiplayer features I’m working on. Basically I want players to be able to spin up their own server at play so their friends can join their lobby and see items they’ve collected, mess around etc… But I’m having a problem with setting this up.

I want to have my player spawn in the lobby and then be able to click a button and move to the map without having to load a new level. I’ve tried calling the event from the Menu, GameMode, GameState, Player State, Player Character and Player Controller all with no luck.

Here are some screenshots::




Things have gone horribly wrong…

I realize that I can avoid a lot of frustration by using a separate level for hosting my MainMenu and then switch the level/game mode defaults to match to the proper settings. Unfortunately, I would still run into the issue later when I try to add in-game abilities to update player location, so I figure I’d get it resolved out now.

This is probably an easy fix, but I’ve been starting at the editor for like 15 hours now getting the other online subsystems working and now I’m zoned out lol. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



I figured it out.

I wasn’t properly setting the player reference in the entry widget.
Screenshot - 845200dad8052f41c542524accf241c8 - Gyazo resolved the issue.

I also cleaned up my spawn player function.

Entry (for setting player defaults) → Screenshot - beb61bfc00a2c6b7bbd9496c4d3e2d18 - Gyazo

MainMenu (should be event dispatchers but meh) → Screenshot - 87c7176ed58e49d58a17031d38e05932 - Gyazo

On Click (quick start) → Screenshot - 2610ebce06539c8f01eaa98ec824aef0 - Gyazo

Begin Play (bMultiplayer=False) → Screenshot - 271a3fc94f5d2434df07da653e2c15ee - Gyazo

Spawn Player → Screenshot - b009884dc6916d7366b2bdd1ea1f4065 - Gyazo

Let me know if anyone has any suggestions or if this helps out!