SetTextureParameterValue does not work

I have a MasterMaterial which I am able to access using the following code. It has a Param2D that I want to change using the SetTextureParameterValue function. UE4 doesn’t give me an error or anything when I do. But there is no change in the Material as well. Attached is a screenshot of the material.

FString matPath = "Material'/Game/MasterMaterial.MasterMaterial'";
UMaterialInterface * material = Cast<UMaterialInterface >(StaticLoadObject(UMaterialInterface::StaticClass(), nullptr, *(matPath)));
UMaterialInstanceDynamic *materialDynamicInstance = nullptr;
if (material)
materialDynamicInstance = UMaterialInstanceDynamic::Create(material, NULL);
materialDynamicInstance ->SetTextureParameterValue(FName("Tex_Albedo"), albedo);

Edit my previous comment: MID actually works without a problem at least in 4.12.5.