SetText not working

Got to guess here but I assume you have another Binding on your Text Variable. Or something that is a bit Harder to Spot like 2 Spawned Widgets and the one you try to adjust is still invisible or a entirly different BP that adjusts the Text.

The Set text node works as expected. But im fishing in the Blind here with the information provided.

Or in short look elsewhere. The Problem you looking for is not there =) Event gets Called, text gets Set.

I have a UFUNCTION in C++ that is passed an FString. I am exposing this as a native event:

class ECDD_API UOverheadInteractionWidget : public UBaseUserWidget



	UFUNCTION(BlueprintNativeEvent, BlueprintCallable, Category = "Inventory")
		void WidgetWasMadeVisible(const FString& text);

In my blueprint based off of this class, I have set up the following nodes:

As you can see, the current value being passed in is correct “Blah name”, but in the editor, the text remains as “Placeholder” which is the default value i gave it in the Designer.

Why is my SetText function not working?

Thanks man, i’ll check in my widget instantiation part, i reckon you’re onto something. It’s a first in Blueprint, so was unsure if i was doing it right :slight_smile:

Thanks, that was the issue, i found that i was instantiating it twice. Spot on :slight_smile: