SetSkyboxOverride anyone?

There is an API call in openVR to override the default skybox of the compositor. It is not exposed to blueprints, but has anyone managed to call this function sucessfully from c++? I have made some code that calls it and the function returns no error, but nothing visually happens.

Here is the code documentation:

/** Override the skybox used in the compositor (e.g. for during level loads when the app can't feed scene images fast enough)
* Order is Front, Back, Left, Right, Top, Bottom.  If only a single texture is passed, it is assumed in lat-long format.
* If two are passed, it is assumed a lat-long stereo pair. */
virtual EVRCompositorError SetSkyboxOverride( VR_ARRAY_COUNT( unTextureCount ) const Texture_t *pTextures, uint32_t unTextureCount ) = 0;

ok. Found out how to do it by using RHIAsyncCreateTexture2D to create the texture parameter required from file.

I see that this is an old, thread but anyway you could share some advice on how to go about doing this. I am struggling to even find this api in the OpenVR code in the UE4 engine files. I would greatly appreciate any advice and/or code snippets of how you’ve got this to work.


I have examples in a blueprint function library here if it helps you: