SetReplicateMovement node causes actor to move extremely fast when set to false

When I set the node SetReplicateMovement to false, the actor starts moving extremely fast. When enabled, the speed returns to normal. Very occasionally, the speed stays normal when the node is set to false, so it doesn’t happen 100% of the time. I have tested this in a fresh third person project.

I am running the SetReplicateMovement on the server and then multicasting to all clients.

Are you using character movement component (CMC)?

The actor has a CMC but it is not referenced when using SetReplicateMovement. The target is the actor

This problem waste me a lot of time, finally I find way to slove it. But only can fix it in cpp
Character.cpp void ACharacter::PawnClientRestart()
This not a blueprint callable function, and you can encapsulation it into a blueprint callable function if you want.
So just do like this:
ACharacter* ACharacter