Set Visibility transition

I would like to make the “Exponential Height Fog” and the “Atmospheric Fog” invisible when going into buildings. How I can create a smooth transition between the visibility and the invisiblity?

This is how it looks like. :slight_smile:

Try this. I have tested it and it works.

Hmm. It works but how variables I have to change?

Its looks like a nuklear area xD

And it din’t turn completely off when I go in to buildings. :confused:

Ok, here is a new version:

Now you can adjust the fo minimum and maximum cap. the minimum has that value of 0.1. You can set it to 0 to completely disbale the fog. Try this and you can see a sudden disable effect. thats why i took 0.1.

Hey, can you provide a picture from the settings of your atmos fog and exp fog? So i can make a better update.

Now it does not look like a nuclear disaster. ^^

But when I go into a building outside, the sun is not so bright outside, but the fog in the building does not disappear. :confused:

Here my Settings and Gifs :slight_smile:



Thanks :wink:
I’ll see if it works ^^

I find the Solution. Change “Set Density Multiplier” to “Set Sun Sun Multiplier” :slight_smile:

Yeah, perfect. You can change a lot of variables. My code example is just a short and easy example to show you how you can do that. Of course you can extend that for your needs.