Set up a Line Trace from HMD (GearVR)

I am building for GearVR. Could someone please guide me to set up a Line Trace in Blueprint so the user can interact with objects in the scene with it’s gaze?
I am using a blank project, not a First or Third person template. Should I first set up a Character and a GameMode for it to work? Or can I do it without a Character? Performance is of the most importance.
Thanks a lot!

Hi there! I am an intermediate user, but I think you would line trace like you normally would as mentioned here

And just enable HMD as mentioned here Head Mounted Display | Unreal Engine Documentation

Also going through this:

Would help
Happy unrealing.

Thank you! I was able to get this working.

I am not sure if this is the most direct or efficient way of doing it, but I´ll post the steps in case anyone else is searching:

  1. I first created a Character and GameMode following this tutorial: [Unreal Engine 4 - Making An FPS Actor From Scratch - YouTube][1]
  2. I created these nods inside the Character blueprint

  1. I activated these settings in the Character Details panel:


  1. I created the Line Trace in the Character blueprint, following the documentation PixelBrix provided here, with a small modification:

It works!

Again, this may or may not be the most efficient way, so if anyone more experienced wants to share a better solution, I am all eyes.


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