Set tacking origin to eye level confusion

Hi all

I have been experimenting with the vive tracking origins and am a bit stuck with what happens when you set the tracking origin to eye level.

With it set to floor level, then everything is fine. The origin is at the base of the pawn and the rendered position is offset from that pawn position which is the floor 0,0,0 of your vive bounds. I can even draw debug spheres of the bound and they line up with chaperone. The tracking stations also line up.

In the book “Unreal Engine VR Cookbook”, it says that the origin is set to the middle of the wall where your bounds face. The problem is that the orientation is off by 90 degrees and also the debug bounds seem really off as if they are rotated. If I rotate the pawn -90 then it faces back to where it what but the there is also a positional offset where the hmd position is down and to the right of the pawn.

Has anyone figured out the offsets involved? Or is it just recommended to keep it to floor level with the vive?

Did you try to Reset Orientation and Position after you switch to Eye Level tracking origin? Does this change anything in the position/orientation of the VR Pawn?

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Yes it does reset, but i would have thought that the bounds would define the starting orientation.

I’ve been doing more experimenting and I think that the behaviour when setting the origin to Eye level is wrong and a bug. I’ve submitted a bug report here…

I believe that the rotation should be set correctly without having to reset the rotation and position and that the origin should be set in the middle of the front side of the bounds (similar to the way oculus works with the tracking origin 1m in front).