Set static mesh physics problem

I have a tank as a pawn with three parts . . .
Root: Main Body (static mesh and socket)
–Turret: (static mesh with socket, attached in viewport to Main Body)
----Barrel (static mesh with socket, attached in viewport to turret)

When I use blueprints on a button press to change the static mesh of the Main Body to a different static mesh (same number of sockets and socket names), the physics act erratically on the vehicle.

It would behave as intended before the change of static mesh. After the button is pressed, the static mesh changes as intended, but it becomes erratically affected by physics. with physics disabled for the Main Body, the problem is removed, but I need physics enabled so that it will drive over sloped terrain properly.

How can I fix the erratic behavior upon changing static meshes during gameplay?

Mark as answered. . .
I fixed it by detaching and reattaching the static mesh components after the static mesh change.