Set static mesh (Choose mesh) Help


I am following a tutorial video to change the color of objects that i am looking with widget. (This is the link of the video :- YouTube)

I success to do everything and I understand the major part of the blueprints but I can’t choose the static mesh from the detail panel in real time (Demo of the action on the video here : - YouTube)

Plus, I can’t change the color of the mesh because of that what i said above. I think as soon as I can choose the static mesh I will be able to change the color.

My blueprints are the same of the guy in the video, I ask you for help because this part is a little confuse and I don’t understand how it’s working.

If you can show me some blueprint setup of the way you will do that with a picture, it will be great!

Thanks in advance!


if you want to be able to change the mesh from the details panel in the editor, I would recommend you to create a variable in your Blueprint, which is a object reference to a static mesh and make it editable.
Then you edit your ConstructionScript and simply assign the value of the variable to the mesh of the component with its ‘SetStaticMesh’ function.

Hope this helps!

Use the Set Mesh node on a reference of the static mesh component that you wan’t to set the mesh of. Hope this helps.

Hi Benjamin,

This is not a answer from me. I have question for u please help me for this.
How could i access this variables to another blueprint and pass again into main blueprint?

Is their any possibility to do that. I have tried but getting errors.

Please help me for this.