Set spawned actor to always be visible regardless of distance

Hi all,

I’m trying to set up an actor blueprint with a static mesh and a particle component that is always visible to the player regardless of the distance to it. It all works for the client and server when placed on the map in the editor, however these actors are all spawned at run time during the beginplay event in the gameplay blueprint.

The actors all spawn for both client and server which is fine, though for the client the spawned actors pop out of view at a certain distance away which stops the particle effect for the client (they are always visible for the server).

This issue seems to be specific to spawned actor blueprints and spawned emitters… is there a way to make them always visible to client and server?
I’ve tried forcing LOD to 0 for the actors, and setting desired max draw distance - though this doesn’t seem to affect anything…

Hopefully what im saying makes sense… Thanks in advanced for any suggestions!

Figured it out!

I needed to increase the net cull distance squared under the replication tab of the class defaults section… This one had me going for a while