Set Resolution above 1980 broken + weird light issue + fullscreen ignores resolution?

Hey people! I have three weird issues over here…

First one : Whenever I run the command ‘SetRes’ with resolutions above 1920x1080, weird things happen. Until that resolution, it all works great. Above that, the game either ignores the command or puts my game in the corner of the screen.
Like this :
(Forum is giving me an error when I try to upload a picture, so excuse me for using another website).

Secondly : The command ‘Fullscreen’ ignores the set resolution. If I set the resolution to the lowest one, and then go for the fullscreen command, the game automatically switches to the native resolution of the PC. How can I turn this off?

And last : I have this weird light error at a specific spot in my game. It is the only spot that triggers this. Whenever I step there, the lights will become all weird. Some info - all the lighting is dynamic. Force no precomputed lighting is on. This happens only if sg.shadowquality is less than 3. With sg.shadoquality 3 it never appears. Here’s a video :

If you can help with any of these issues, I’d be more than thankful! Third one is priority.

Bump, anybody?

We are having a similar issue, but with ambient occlusion. I am going to make a post soon about it. AO disappears and appears just on certain view angles, that’s a really bad issue.

Most likely 1920x1080 is the highest resolution of your monitor and the engine can’t have an output resolution higher than that.