Set property changes back to original value after event

Hello I am making a simulation in Unreal and want to get current weather data and set that to the sky map.

With VaRest I am able to get weather info from a weather API. Now I can get that value and set it to the cloud density of my sky. But when I do this when the begin play event is triggered it animates back to the original value after a few seconds. I can fix it by triggering this on the tick event but this is very inefficient and I get back errors by doing this.
Any ideas how I can solve this? It’s strange because setting the time of day works as it’s supposed to, but that data comes from a blueprintnode I wrote myself.

My blueprints look like this right now:


And my error log:

You getting nulls (which in blueprint are called None) from Get Object field and Get Field nodes, i suspect it simply not finding fields you looking for. To make this errors dissaper you need to check if output is not None with “Is Valid” node and stop the code if it’s not… or make it react properly for that, so you won’t call function nodes on None.

Sorry for the late response but thank you for your answer. I think I know why I would get None then because the API only allows you to call it once every 10 minutes. But I still don’t understand why the value changes back to it’s original state after I have set it. As you can see in the second screenshot, I am setting 3 variables. The first two come from the weather API and the third comes from the system time. But only the first two show this behaviour, the third works as it’s supposed to.