set pivot off of an actor in unreal engine editor using blueprint or c++

I am developing an unreal editor plugin to import GLB models in the editor. for some models, the pivot point is outside the geometric center. I know the pivot offset value. how do you set it programmatically?

Hi candyflip97,

You’ll need to re-seat all the vertices to center the mesh itself.

You can set an Editor pivot which uses a specified point on the mesh to use as the pivot for the transform tool as well - but that works per-instance in the level rather than on the mesh asset itself.

I have the pivot offset value. Now I am setting it manually in the details. Is there no other way i can set it in blueprint or create a c++ node to set the value after spawning the actor?

There may be an editor utility to do it - I haven’t looked - maybe another way to do it would be have the mesh a child of another scene component that’s offset.