Set Particles System to a variable

I learned how to Set Static Mesh in a base class to a public variable and be able to change it using the default tab in the child classes. I’ve found a Set Sound node but I can’t figur out how to do it for a particle system as well!!

Check which class your particle system component has.

I’m pretty sure it’s called emitter component of something like that.

Change your editable variable to that and do the same as before. That should do what you’re looking for.

I hope this helps.


I looked at that but It seems to be targeting an emitter inside the particle system. I want to be able to target a particle system. My idea is to create a public variable, in the base class, holding particle system and then change the particle system in the child classes.


Well the emitter is the source of the particle system.

Inside of your level you may select a particle system but you place emitter as this is the thing with location and rotation. The particle system itself is the effect.

You want to be able to change the emitter (in which you can select a particle system if you want to set it).

Thank you very much for trying to find a solution for me. This has worked for me so far. Not sure what will be the downside yet (I’m new to blueprint and have basic programming). But I think I will come back to it if it starts to give a new headache lol.