Set new origin/pivot point/reference location for ProceduralMeshComponent (child) door


I’m using an Actor to import an .Obj file. I have ProceduralMeshComponents (childs) of this actor that I would like to use as doors. How can I set a new rotation/pivotpoint/reference location in c++ so that my ProceduralMeshComponent rotates around my ‘new pivot point’? My doors now rotate around the origin/pivot point of the Actor.

I’m not looking for a solution in the viewport since there is nothing in the viewport. I’m also not looking to add the origin/pivot point for each door in a 3D program since it is exported as a whole.

So I have to be able to set a new reference point for the proceduralMeshComponent for rotating, without the ProceduralMeshComponent to change location, because it does spawn on the right location. The rotation reference is just wrong.

Thanks in advance

It has been a while but I found how to set an origin. I created an actor, made my “myproceduralmesh” child of an actor. Then added a “Movement Component” to that actor. Apperently the “Movement Component” has a pivot point. That let me to my final solution of rotating the mesh.