Set max and min value to Material Parameter

it’s not a true problem, but I was wondering if I can set a min and max value to a ScalarParameter. In my case I would set the min to 0 and the maximum to 1 since I don’t need it to exceeds those values.
Any solution?

Thank you.

Oh, you’re right, I didn’t think about that. But I can’t limit the value in the instance editor right?

You can use a Clamp node either in the material or in blueprints when you want to set that parameter.

Yes you can easily make the input of both min and max scalarparameters and dynamically change the clamped range.

I think I understood what you said, but I’m pretty new and I don’t actually know how to do that. I usually simply convert the node to parameter and that’s it. Could you post a screenshot or maybe explain it with more details. Thank you.

No worries. To place a scalarparemeter you can simply hold ‘S’ and click the material editor background. Or place a constant by pressing 0 and clicking and converting like you have been doing is fine.


In this example the Value, the min and max are all controlled by parameters.

Of course with min and max at 0 it will always return 0.

To see how to make an MID and change the values in blueprint, read this:

Oh perfect, thank you for the explanation!