Set Material's Opacity After it Has a Opacity Mask

Hi guys, I’m look for a method to set the opacity of my material after it has a opacity mask applied. As the mask just removes the areas which should be clear from the texture, I then want to set the whole material to have a opacity of 50% does anyone know of a way in which this can be achieved?

Thanks guys.

Hy !

Between texure sample and opacity mask, add a clamp node and set the max value to .5

Thanks for the answer could you provide an example of this?

Sorry I m writing from phone…

You can follow these instructions…
1 from the 4th channel of your texture sample, drag off and type clamp.

2 click the clamp node and in the details set the max value to .5

3 connect the return node to the opacity mask.

Let me know

Setting the max value to 0.5? Yes I believe so you can see that from the clamp title I think

Oh I’m so sorry!

My fault, you need the opacity input to achieve this.
And to enable opacity you need to set the blend mode to translucent
But you 'll get the opacity mask disabled.

I’m so sorry ! My mistake!

You need opacity input to achieve this.
To enable it choose translucent under blend mode of your material details.
But you’ll loose the op mask input.

Change that setting and movie the wire in o.o mask to opacity… But the results depend on the alpha channel of your texture.

I think I’ve done it how you specified, however this still hasn’t gave my material 50% opacity its still at 100%

Perfect this has solved my issue. Thank you!