Set Master Pose Component - Replication Problem


I cant replicate (and i have allready replicated variables and more) the Master Pose Component to other Clients.
On the Server the Armor is correct with Physics, but not on both Clients.
Runs as dedicated Server + UseSingleProcess disabled.
3 Clients = 1x Server and 2x Clients.

On MyCharacter:
Event (Keyboard Button 1) -> CustomEvent SERVER
-> SpawnActorFromClass (Armor) -> Return Value set as variable and replicated.
-> Return Value (Variable) -> AttachToComponent (ActorToActor and ActorToSceneComponent makes no difference). SnapToTarget.
-> SetMasterPoseComponent -> Mesh (MyCharacter) is Parent. ReturnValue from SpawnActor is the Target.

On the Server the Armor fits perfect to the characters Body and have physics.
But on both Clients the Armor DONT fit correct, but follow the movement of the character. Also there is a replication issue.

After 2 weeks of testing all i can, i cant find a solution :frowning:

Have tryed with MultiCast (IT WORKS, but later i can not destroy the Actor). Also on the Server the Actor is destroyed but the armor is keeping on the Character left.
There is no way to destroy component or actor that is left on the Character… thats paradox.

Need help!

Hello !

For destroying equipment attached to Actor, you can use the event on primary Actor “On Destroyed” (or something like this) for destroy actors attached to.
Store equipment items in variable before ^^