Set level sequencer playback position in editor?

Hi, Im from Russia, so sorry for my english.
Im new to C++ and all this week im trying to find the answer. Is there a way to update level sequencer current time in editor? It works at runtime with default blueprints:

But i need to update it in editor.
Thats what i found:

void UMyNodesBPLibrary::UpdateLevelSequence(ULevelSequencePlayer * SequencePlayer, float Time)
	if (SequencePlayer)
		SequencePlayer->GetRootMovieSceneSequenceInstance()->Update(Time, Time, SequencePlayer);

But it says: error C2248: ‘ULevelSequencePlayer::GetRootMovieSceneSequenceInstance’: cannot access protected member declared in class ‘ULevelSequencePlayer’

Also i tried this:

void UMyNodesBPLibrary::UpdateLevelSequence(ULevelSequence * LevelSequence, ULevelSequencePlayer * SequencePlayer, float Time)
	if (LevelSequence && SequencePlayer)
		ULevelSequenceInstance * SequenceInstance = NewObject<ULevelSequenceInstance>(LevelSequence, "SequenceInstance");
		UMovieSceneSequence * MovieSceneSequence = (UMovieSceneSequence*)SequenceInstance;
		TSharedRef<FMovieSceneSequenceInstance> MovieScene = MakeShareable(new FMovieSceneSequenceInstance(* MovieSceneSequence));
		IMovieScenePlayer * Player = (IMovieScenePlayer *)SequencePlayer;
		MovieScene->Update(Time, Time, * Player);

But editor crushes.

I know that Level Sequencer is an experimental class, but i need it very much!
Hope somebody will answer! Thank You!

I think you’re looking for


Thank you for the answer! I think I’ve tried to do it in 4.10 and it didn’t worked. The question was so long ago and I’ve already found another way. Instead of updating sequencer position i took values from sequencer objects in exact time.