Set Intensity Target not compatible with Light Actor


I’m trying to connect a Point Light actor to a Set Intensity Target but connection is rejected because Actor Component is incompatible with the Object Reference input. I’m simply following the “Your First Hour with Unreal Engine” tutorial and UE is just not behaving the same.

Any idea why this happens and how I can make this work?

Thank you!


Try creating a new BP and check if this issue persists.

Can you show this actor’s Components tab? It seems that the Point Light reference variable shown is not a light at all, but a child actor component instead - perhaps an incorrect component has been added here and renamed.

Screenshot 2020-11-25 104258.jpg

These 2 are completely different things.

Thanks for your answers so far, the Point Light I was pulling from the component panel indeed had a child actor icon on it, not sure why, so will have to step back and see where I did something wrong. (I know didn’t rename anything though)

Will post again with more info after I investigated some more.

It’s here at 2:12 mark:


Thank you Everynone, now I know what I did wrong :slight_smile: Will test this later