Set haptics by value during only 3 seconds in oculus touch?

Hi! I need to set haptic feedback while a button is pressed, but when i tried, the effect turn off at 3 seconds only.
I tried two things:
-Put the set haptics by value in the Press event of the touch controller (in the trigger).
-Put a flag boolean in the press event, and set haptics in each tick.
Both ways only last 3 seconds, but i need to press the button longer.

What can i do in this case?

And other question about haptics. There is a better way of make “haptic feedback effect buffer”? is there a guide somewhere? How can i add dynamically info to the buffer before sending it to the controller?
I made two haptic buffer assets, but sometimes the first one override the second one, so i think i need to merge them before sending to the controller, but don´t know how.


Anybody with haptics exp here?

You can find a full explanation about haptic effects on the Touch Controllers using Unreal here:

With Play Haptic Effect, you can make it loop so it doesn’t stop until you call Stop Haptic Effect. Check out the example in the documentation linked above.

That´s the guide i´m following, and i´m having the 3 second problem. I will try with play haptic effect and loop, but i think “set haptic by value” should work too. Maybe is a bug?

One thing that i´m trying to do, is a haptic effect for a fire extinguisher. But while the extinguisher can last like 10-15 seg, the haptic only last 3 sec. Which could be the best way of do this?

And, can you help me with the buffer question?

Seems to be an known issue, but it is not solved yet:…4-seconds.html

Try with Play Haptic Effect as suggested.

Regarding the buffered output, I am not sure I understand your use case. You can play only one buffer at a time. If you need to do something different i.e. multiple buffers, then you need to manually merge the buffers before sending them to the controller.

yes! that. how can i merge the buffers in blueprint?

I just checked and I am afraid it can’t be done in Blueprints. You need to use C++ for that.

hi! And now is possible?

Had this problem myself and found a workaround. T
he amplitude can’t stay the same for long or haptics will stop. Constantly changing amplitude a bit (second or third decimal is enough) will eliminate the issue.

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