Set fracture points for destructible mesh

Instead of randomly choosing fracture points I would like to preselect a few fracture points.
Is this possible?
For example set the base of a tree to fracture instead of the leaves.

Anyone know?

Hi ShrewGlue,

Out-of-the-box you cannot do anything like this with just a Destrucitble Mesh. You could probably setup something in Blueprint that provides some kind of logic to prevent hits in certain areas, but I honestly wouldn’t know where to start setting that kind of logic up.

Ideally, if you need this much control it would be better to create your mesh in your modeling program with pre-determined fracture points.

So to use your Tree example here is what you would need.


  • Full Tree Mesh
  • Tree stump
  • Tree Trunk cut into pieces
  • Limbs

Now with these pieces you can set it up so that when enough damage has been received against the original mesh, you can then remove the base tree mesh and replace it with parts of the tree that can then be broken apart. In this part it would just depend on how you would want to the tree to look when it’s broken. This would all need to be done within a Blueprint and would not use any Destructible Actors.

I hope this helps.