Set 'elapsed time' on timers?


i am trying to save/load the current state of my timers. tried promoting and saving the timer handle but that didn’t work. my next approach was to try saving the elapsed time (float) and using that to create a new timer on load. but i can’t find a way to set elapsed time.

so my next idea is to create my own timer function from scratch using delta time n such.

but before i go that route, does anyone know a way to solve this while still using the built in timer functions?

i don’t mind a c++ answer.

Can’t you restart the timer with the remaining time?

thank you for the reminder. originally dismissed this because the timers are on repeat, being used for progress bars. so a shorter timer would make the bars move abnormally fast.

BUT since the progress float doesn’t directly depend on the timer, i think i can set up a run-once timer for loading purposes.

edit: success :slight_smile: tyvm