Set dressing scene and fbx model with holes.

[FONT=Yu Gothic]Hi All,

[FONT=Yu Gothic]I’m currently doing some set dressing to my ArchViz scene.

[FONT=Yu Gothic]I have imported free fbx model from CGtrader but when Import this model

[FONT=Yu Gothic]it looks really bad. I tried flipping normals. Also the uv’s are very bad. It got all holes in the mesh. I tried several things, but I can’t fix it. Does anybody have solution?
If you have high poly mesh for arch viz using baked lighting not raytraced. How do yo go about texturing? Do you just assign material to it? But if the mesh has tilling texture detail you
will run into problem as it can’t be tiled properly. You would need to bake from HP to LP mesh which mean you would need to re-create LP mesh and uv the LP. Which is very time cosuming.
Some thought on this would also help my work flow.


You should be able to fix all those errors in your 3d app!! /unifying normals, closing holes, laying your uvs…)
Texturing is again laying down your own uvs…
You can try to recompute normals with Unreal but… you can also try 2sided materials…
But in my opinion it would be a lot better if you’d do all the correction in your 3d application!!