Set different viewport views?


is it possible to set a different view as initial default view via unreal engine API?

As an example, default Level Viewport camera type when any project starts is Perspective with Lit Viewmode. I’m wondering is it possible to set it to, for example, Top with Wireframe viewmode?

With all other views and options being left intact, just setting the initial one during project start (or switch them based on some editor actions or settings).

I’ve been looking at the source code, and as far as I was able to come up was with:


However I’m starting to get lost as to how exactly it should be done.

EDIT: Here’s entire class:

    #pragma once
    #include "ModuleManager.h"
    #include "Slate.h"
    #include "LevelEditor.h"
    #include "LevelEditorActions.h"
    #include "SharedPointer.h"
    #include "Internationalization.h"
    #include "MultiBoxExtender.h"
    #include "ShowviewPrivatePCH.h"
    #include "UnrealEd.h"
    #include "Engine.h"
    #include "ActorEditorUtils.h"
    #include "Editor.h"  
    #define LOCTEXT_NAMESPACE "ShowviewPlugin"
    class ShowviewPluginImpl : public IModuleInterface
    	/** IModuleInterface implementation */
    	void StartupModule();
    	void ShutdownModule();				    	        	


#include "ShowviewPrivatePCH.h"
#include "ShowviewPluginImpl.h"

void ShowviewPluginImpl::StartupModule()

void ShowviewPluginImpl::ShutdownModule()

IMPLEMENT_MODULE(ShowviewPluginImpl, Module)

I’m looking to do the same thing in Python. Did you find a way to do it?

I see a set_current_viewport_capture() method and was going to try this.