Set Cubemap Blend in SkyLight and reflections on transluscent materials

I have a day/night cycle that controls SkyLight’s cubemap with a node Set Cubemap Blend. I captured a sky each 3 hours to have 8 static images that i can use to blend.
It works works perfectly fine on opaque materials (cube on the left) while on transluscent materials (like water) cubemaps dont blend and there is a visible pop up. I printed out values on the left side of the screen: the first value is alpha, the last 2 are cubemap names.
Any ideas how to fix this?

Did you ever figure this out? I am having the same issue… Any workarounds or fixes?

I actually solved this for a similar use case myself earlier and just happened to bump into this thread while searching for a solution to something else entirely.

My fix to this was changing one line in shader code:

In “\Engine\Shaders\Private\ReflectionEnvironmentComposite.ush” find the following:

   float3 SkyLighting = GetSkyLightReflectionSupportingBlend(RayDirection, Roughness, SkyAverageBrightness);
   float3 SkyLighting = GetSkyLightReflection(RayDirection, Roughness, SkyAverageBrightness);

…and change the lower function (after ‘else’) to also support blending. ( GetSkyLightReflection() → GetSkyLightReflectionSupportingBlend() )

The shader code is recompiled when you restart the editor and load your project or run “RecompileShaders changed” console command in game. The compile might take a while obviously so expect a short freeze if you do it with the console command.

I haven’t tested this change enough to know if it has any serious drawbacks apart from the minor performance effect. After all, the blend is probably not supported for a reason such as not being supported on consoles or something like that so use this with that in mind!

Hope this helps!