Set Control Rotation not working

Hey guys, I’ve been trying desperately to get this control rotation to set. For context, the game is a multiplayer game (listen server style).

I am attempting to make a smooth camera transition between two characters which works great on the host. However, after the camera transition on the clients, the newly possessed pawn rotates to face the control rotation of the original character. This makes for a situation like this.

I have tried to set the control rotation, but no matter what I do the value never seems to change. Anyone had an issue like this?

I managed to get it to work by hooking up the call to a custom event and then set the event to Run on Owning Client.

Yeah, having the same issue.

Not sure if it’s a result of my own improper use or if the Blueprint node is broken.

For context, my implementation is also multiplayer and involves frequent switching of pawns. I’m trying to rotate the controller to adopt the exiting pawn rotation on possesion but in all instances it fails to have the desired result.

UPDATE: Can confirm the Listen Server seems to have the correct behaviour, it’s only the clients that don’t seem to update their rotation after calling Set Control Rotation.