Set client name in multiplayer?

Hi Everyone,

Playing around with the third person template and basic multiplayer functionality, can’t seem to figure out how to set the name for clients so that when they connect to the server it can say “hey [insert name] has just joined!”.

I’m launching the server with a batch file that says this:
UE4Editor.exe “caveTest3.uproject”?listen -game

And the client with a batch file that says this:
UE4Editor.exe “caveTest3.uproject”?Name=bob -game

To display the just joined message I got this in the game mode blueprint:

When I run the client (after having started the server but before joining it) the client says “bob has joined the game”.
But if I open the console in the client and type open the server game says “257 has joined the game” :frowning:

You can use a function to achieve this, no?

The problem is that the player name doesn’t seem to be being passed to the server when the client connects.

I’ll dig through the shooter game today to try and see if there’s something similar in there that I can learn from.

I’m late haha but maybe use “Get Owning Player” → “Get Player Name” → “Append” → “Print String”