Set c++ class group properly

Hello I did create a new type of light for one of my projects, I just wanted to be fancy and set my class to the Lights group in the placement editor right here:


I tried using the UCLASS(ClassGroup specifier, but it does not work. so at the end I hard coded my class to be loaded using this code:

	IPlacementModeModule& PlacementModeModule = IPlacementModeModule::Get();
	FPlacementCategoryInfo Info = *PlacementModeModule.GetRegisteredPlacementCategory(FBuiltInPlacementCategories::Lights());

	FPlaceableItem* BPPlacement = new FPlaceableItem(
		FAssetData(ARimLight::StaticClass(), true),
		NSLOCTEXT("PlacementMode", "Rim Light", "Rim Light")

	IPlacementModeModule::Get().RegisterPlaceableItem(Info.UniqueHandle, MakeShareable(BPPlacement));

But obviously is not the right way to do that, I will like to know what is the right way, please if someone knows