Set bStartInVR in a build

Hello, I am currently working on a game that can be played in VR and not VR.
Players should be able to choose if they want to play in VR or not without being forced on them.

I would like if the VR equipment is detecting the game lacing in VR and if they don’t detect the game that it launches in non-VR.

Currently if I keep the option bStartInVR from EngineSettings to True when I run the game the VR equip and SteamVR will turn on. I have to run the game with the “-nohmd” command so that the game starts correctly in non-VR but it doesn’t seem clean and this produces fatal errors.

A better solution is to create a build for the VR version with bStartInVR on True and the non-VR version with bStartInVR on False. No fatal error and cleaner, but this forces versatile users to download both versions.

Maybe there is a way to control the bStartInVR option in build? I could in this case create a launcher which asks the user if he wants to launch the game in VR or not.
I tried to add config files on a build with bStartInVR = False but this does not seem to have any influence.

I am very interested in your opinions and ideas on this.