Set Bone Material?

You can hide a bone, and therefore it must have a select amount of vertices assigned to that bone.

Is it possible to then set a material to this bone?

I.E. set the material for index_01_r?

What would be the node?

Hello ,

There isn’t an option to do it directly on the bone, but you could do it with vertex color painting. I would suggest doing that outside of the editor if working with a Skeletal Mesh prior to importing. You should have more control over the process in that case.

Hope this helps!

Is there a way of viewing the vertex groups inside UE4? Such as a node to select specific vertex groups? I know it is a necessity when importing a model to UE4, but am unsure of where else inside the engine it can be useful.

Unfortunately I’m not aware of any nodes that can do this for you. I also couldn’t think of anything else it would be useful for.