Set Actor Scale with event tick while replicating causes position of pawn to be out of sync on client

Hi, so I’m basically trying to dynamically scale a pawn in a multiplayer setting. When I press my grow button I want my actor to slowly grow over time and when I press my shrink button I want my actor to slowly shrink over time while still having control to change his position. This works perfectly fine on the server but when I’m on the client and I am changing the pawn’s position while scaling him up or down his position gets out of sync with the server, only when I let go of either of my scaling buttons does the client pawn snap back into the correct position.

Is this a bug or am I just trying to do too much at once through event tick? I’m still a beginner at this so if you guys have any insight as to how I can achieve the same thing a different way I would love to hear it!

Ok I think I may have found a way to make this work. Instead of scaling through event tick I did it through a timer, I guess this gives the client enough time to update its position because I dont see any syncing issues now.