Set Actor Rotation on Pawn in Multiplayer sporadically does not work (easily reproduced from template)

I am in a situation with a 3rd person project where I want the character to rotate to the controller/camera rotation when they left click in order to perform an attack animation in that direction. I was able to reproduce the issue with a couple steps starting from the 3rd person template.

  1. Create a 3rd person character BP project in 4.22.3

  2. In ThirdPersonCharacter bp, add a Set Actor Rotation on left click, set it to the controller’s rotation:

  3. Play. You will see the character rotates in the direction the camera is facing on left click. Works great.

  4. Tick “Run Dedicated Server”

  5. Play. You will see that many times the character will not rotate on left click.

I have narrowed this down to something with the movement component, I think. At least, if I disable the movement component, it works fine in multiplayer. But this feels like a terrible way to resolve this.

I could also rotate the character mesh itself. But the problem then is the mesh is no longer aligned properly to the capsule component and you will see the character facing the wrong direction when moving. Trying to set the rotation on the capsule component has the same original issue.

I’m not sure why this only happens in multiplayer but I’m certain that’s related. And somehow the movement component too. Possibly the movement component is trying to “correct” my change but it only occurs in multiplayer due to a slight added delay? I’m just guessing now.