Session Settings in Blueprint Script

A have setup my game for Steam and can CreateSession in my blueprint Multiplayer Menu.

But… How do you then set attributes on the session.
Like here:

I want to set a session name “Freds Game” and type of game, like PvP.
Then I could list to other players what session s of a type are available.

Extra Credit:
Also, how does one get the current session in a blueprint?

How does one get the Steam player name (gamer tag) and all that in a blueprint script?

Is the answer that this depth requires C++ code?

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I get success at creating the session, but I then do a Find Sessions and get back success but 0 session?

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Yes I set Max Results to 10

This can’t currently be done with the blueprint Create Session node. However, you could modify the existing version in the source (Take a look at CreateSessionCallbackProxy in UE4/Source/Runtime/Online/OnlineSubsystemUtils), or create your own version (best to use the existing one as a reference). I’m actually in the process of doing this myself as I’m typing this.

Ditto to getting current session details in blueprint, you’ll need to get into some C++ to do that, though not quite as tough as the first one:

IOnlineSessionPtr Sessions = IOnlineSubsystem::Get()->GetSessionInterface();

FOnlineSessionSettings* CurrentSettings = Sessions->GetSessionSettings(GameSessionName);

For the steam name, that one you’re good on. Here’s a good tutorial:

As for your trouble with find sessions, I couldn’t tell you what’s wrong without seeing exactly what you’re doing. My suggestion is to google “unreal engine steam blueprint tutorial”. There’s a REALLY good 2.5 hour long in-depth video out there on how to do it:

Good luck!

Take a look in UE4/Source/Runtime/Online/OnlineSubsystemUtils/Classes/DestroySessionCallbackProxy.h

Note the base class “UOnlineBlueprintCallProxyBase”.

Take a look through those classes; you should get a pretty good idea of what’s going on.

I can’t figure out where blueprint nodes are implemented in the core UE4.

For example I search for DestroySession or Destroy Session and only find the functions in the core code, none of which appear to have blueprint declarations in the .h files.

Where do I find them?

if you want to use those options, use this plugin, he implements all this and much more, like voice comms, friend invite, etc etc.

Yup, found it right after I asked the question. :frowning: