Servertravel from map to the same map doesn't work (transitionmap set)

I’m trying to Servertravel from map X to map X. Using a transitionmap I am under the impression this should work fine?

However, in a packaged version of my game, even when I test with console commands when I Servertravel from map X to map X it will load but break. My characters dont’t spawn, values don’t seem to be initialised, etc. I can’t move the camera (its stuck at a weird angle)

In contrast if I servertravel from map X to map Y and then from Y back to map X, everything works just fine.

Worth noting when I servertravel from X to X I see the transitionmap flash by, so it does definitely load.

Use Seamless Travel is checked in my gamemode.

Am I doing something wrong, or what is up? Cheers

I have the same problem, what could be the issue?