Servers in multyplayer

Hello,if you haven’t noticed already I am a complete noob at making games but I am willing to learn,I learned that I need a lot of math,and networking skills in c++ to make a multyplaier game but I am not certain about one thing.Do I need to owe/build a server in order to allow people to play the game or can I use a service that does that for me ?Do I need to put one in every country so that I could make It available world wide? (if you cold tell me all the math books I need to go over to make a game that wold be very helpful,thanks)


The first thing that is usually needed for multipalyer is a dedicated server. This server usually has some game rules (server Game Mode) for example match duration, number of players, list of maps that being used etc. Unreal Engine 4 is designed with networking in mind, thus achieving basic networking functionality (building dedicated server, in this case) is quite easy.

If you like to learn more about dedicated server in Unreal Engine 4, please go here:

Dedicated server can be launched on any computer that you want (of course with respect to technical requirements). Clients can connect to it via appropriate IP address and port. As for the countries, this question is usually actual when there are many users, so you may want to create a separate server, that will transfer players to appropriate dedicated server depending on, for example, their geographical location.

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