Server Side not replicating to Client Side!

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I have practically everything that’s needing to be replicated, set correctly. Server-side is looking great when it comes to displaying the server name and the number of connected players + max players. For some reason, the client-side isn’t receiving that information. I’m not sure what I’m missing. I’m using the latest advanced sessions, also. Please let me know what blueprints you need to see. I’ll be happy to do whatever is needed.

Without any Code, Nobody can Help you

Is Replication of your values set correctly?

This is what i have in my lobby widget. this is the player count. Again, working great on the server-side, nothing on my client-side. I have everything set to replicated and editable.

I even tried moving everything to a Funtion/Create Binding but i’m getting the same result. server good, client empty.

And here’s the servername config from game instance to lobby WB.

i wasn’t sure what to show first, but I think i narrowed it down! Just posted some screenshots

This can’t work-you are acessing the gamemmode and this is only available in the Server, never in your clients :wink: so you need to Wrap that Into a Server/Multicast rpc to Retriever the value or Put it as a replicated variable in Something Else. Use gamestate for example

Hi, I did what you said, made sure my GameState is connected to my world settings, then I linked my server name and player current/max count to no avail. in fact, the server name disappeared even on the client-side. ugh.

Here’s my game state blueprint

Here’s the server name in my lobby

and here’s how i have it set to display the player count/max

I appreciate your direction! please let me know what I’m missing…

Finally working! I had better luck moving most of the blueprints that I wanted replicated to the Player Controller Blueprint. it’s working perfectly now, thank you!