Server Requirements for multiplayer game?

So i have been modelling my assets for a long while for a game that i now want to start putting together.

It is going to be a multiplayer driving game, the graphics are not going to be all that demanding and it will be like 6v6 possibly 12v12 and one thing i have been wondering is what sort of requirements will my server need to meet ?

Does the server actually run its own version of the game or just the logic and decisions involved (handling requests etc)?

If someone could give me an answer to point me into the right direction that would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Also would it be easier for the server to run linux or windows?

Start here:

And then go here: Networking and Multiplayer | Unreal Engine Documentation

and here:

Thanks man that first Doc contains a HELL of a lot of information, guess i wont be getting much sleep tonight reading through all of that :slight_smile:

i am yet to read through all of that so forgive me if it is covered in there but would the server require a graphics card?

My understanding is that standalone servers typically don’t do any rendering, and so typically do not require graphics cards.