Server not updating clients if they are out of sight

Hey. So I’m having a problem where my server is not updating my clients rotation is they are too far or if they are out of sight.

I first saw this problem when I was checking the debug of a line trace, no matter where the client was looking, he was always shooting in the direction of his last updated position. I’m making a FPS game so obviously my line traces need to be accurate even if the client is far from the server player.

At first I thought it was a problem in relation with the net cull distance but changing it had not effect.

Let me know if you have any ideas.

There are a few network settings in the panel that can affect this. The value for cull distance is actually the square root of the value so its not nearly as far as one might think.

Also there is a setting I believe it’s called “update only if rendered” and “always relevant”. Some functions will need rep notify if the client falls out of network relevancy and comes back in and any values are changed. Actors can also become network dormant and become irrelevant if they aren’t “awake”.