Serious problem with skeletal mesh imported from Blender being deformed

Reposting this in the more appropriate Rendering section. I’m experiencing a weird issue using a skeletal mesh in Unreal that was created and exported (as FBX) using Blender. This is what the mesh looks like in Blender (with and without skeleton showing):

After importing, a spike shape explodes from the back left foot of the mesh:

The problem appeared to be related to a particular vertex centered on the bottom of the foot. The issue was fixed when I removed the centered vertex and auto-filled the foot bottom instead. This is what the polygons originally looked like on the bottom of the foot, and what they look like now after being changed:

However after fixing the foot, there is now a spike protruding from the tip of the tail when I import the new mesh:

Removing all but the first tail bone connecting to the hip will fix the problem with the tail. After playing around with it for a while and rebuilding a lot of the vertices, the spike will end up protruding from various locations on the mesh (including the front foot).

The mesh is fine if I import it without the armature. So far, I’ve found that taking these steps appears to fix the mesh issue (none of them will actually work as a solution):

-Importing as a static mesh without the skeleton.

-Removing most of the bones bones of the affected limb/tail.

-Removing the centered vertex fixed the issue on the feet. However I was not able to find a single problem vertex when the issue happened on the tail.

-Importing the same exact FBX file into a different engine (Unity) has NO problems at all and works perfectly.

-Importing other humanoid type skeletal meshes created in blender with the same settings does not replicate the problem.

Here are my Blender export settings along with my Unreal import settings:

We have tried changing all of the available import/export settings with no success, including exporting/importing without any animations. Does anybody have suggestions or ideas about what might be causing this to happen? It’s really holding up our project at that point, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

well i dont know if it will be helpfull for you but i have a problem with my mesh that i dont apply rescale and rotation maybe it is the problem of your mesh so if will need to relink your mesh with the amarture to work .export with apply transform and smoothing face and make sure that the bone dont have a influencied area with anouther bone.