Serious Game Development Team

Hello everyone! I’m looking for serious people to work with for a game development project.


UPDATE: I decided to put every necessary details to ease uncertainties on the project. I believe that I won’t be able to recruit core team members if I won’t be doing this. So I’m really sorry on how I put things because I’m really bad on it. I also like to say something important about this project. I’m not doing this for the sake of money, I’m because of my passion about gaming and my urge to create something I would love. I have a great passion for games and I really want to finish this project. But I won’t be able to without help of anybody. So I hope some people out there can help me with my passion.

Update: As of now, we came up with our protagonist character concepts.(not final)

I hope all necessary information for the project are listed above. Now, for the current team members. As of now I’m am the only one in it and still there’s no progress yet. I’m still talking to some concept artist’s in our country locally. I count myself as a Programmer.

Talents I think needed for the Project:
Concept Artist (x2):
A 2D Environment Concept Artist is expected to provide the team with inspirational illustrations including; environment and object exploration as well as paint overs. The ability to be able to draw storyboards, color and lighting compositions and character designs is a plus.
Work under the Creative Director and Art Director and develop concept artwork that defines the overall
look and art style for the game
Create concept designs and art direction materials
Design a wide range of original concepts and subject matter
Work within different stylistic boundaries set by the Creative Director and Art Director
Collaborate with other team members in order to develop the visual direction for game
Essential Skills and Experience
An excellent understanding of color theory, perspective, lighting, and composition
Thorough knowledge and experience with Adobe Photoshop or Painter
Must have excellent 2D skills and traditional technical knowledge

Character Modelers (x3):
Retopo Skills
3DS Max/Maya/Zbrush or Blender knowledge
Knowledge in UnrealEngine
Good Amount of time to contribute to the project overall
Can work with our skinning and Rig artists to make corrections to characters and ensure they are modeled correctly.

Level Designers (x2):
– Ability to directly follow concept art and communicate your design to the original design
– Ability to work in or learn how to properly import and configure assets and textures / materials
– Must show a portfolio for base entry and be able to do a test piece if asked
Understanding of level design in Unreal Engine 4 is a huge a plus for all 3D Modelers in addition to a background and understanding of creating assets.

Game Director/Script Writer (x1):
Good written English skills. Can follow the original Story Concept.

Game Programmers (x5):
– Ability to follow specefic instruction and write logic that functions with the rest of the games pipeline
A fundamental understanding of UE4 is not absolutely required but it is recommend to all applicants for this position in addition to an understanding of blueprints.

Rigger and Animator (x3):
SFX Artist (x1)
VFX Artist (x3)

  • Must be knowledgeable on their perspective fields

Current Team Members
1 Programmer
2 Character Concept Designers
1 Composer
1 SFX Designer

If you would like to know more about the project, you contact me on Skype for faster response.
For Character Designers, SFX and VFX artist’s, level designers and concept artist’s please submit your sample works on my email provided below.

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Skype: [EMAIL=“”]
Skype Name: Peterr.j

hi. i read your post, and i am interested to ask you some questions. like, is that your first work or your team have other works too? your links are headed to no where, except your facebook link. please make it clear, and who many people are in your team? and which positions.

Got a bad feeling 'bout this one. Website down, facebook page down… everything down.

Sorry for late response guys. This is my first work on the field of Game Development. I’m still hiring people for the team, so as we speak; the team has no members yet. And sorry because the links I’ve put seems to be wrong. I fixed it already. My small firm’s website is currently under Maintenance. But still you can check it out. Usually my company’s projects are all Business Systems. But I want to try a new field since I studied IT for this. So yeah sorry for some uncertainties.

You know… Perhaps we should talk.
You don’t use Skype, do you?

I have Skype but I don’t use it. I just re-formatted my computer so I currently don’t have it. Maybe I’ll install it. Yeah, I’m installing it now. lol. I’m really sorry. I only use facebook as my medium of communication.

You might want to have to share more details with people…
Like the name of an alleged company prducing biz software that you imply you own.
Or like the reason your FB page is deleted.

The reason my facebook page is deleted is this

It was not deleted. My personal account was set to private. So yeah my bad. I won’t be using this anymore as my main contact details from now. My deepest apologies.
And 's the facebook page of my small IT firm. Like I’ve said its small and its been running for like 2 months since April after I graduated.

  • Clarifications: This project will not run under my company, it will only help me manage it. Infinite Works has nothing to do with the release, launch, and/or the production of the game. It will only help me manage the project to monitor the progress and to manage the timeline efficiently. *

It sounds like you’re accusing me of faking a company. That’s a serious matter.

its seems you want to build a Huge quality Studio A to Z without any valid personnel reference and info :frowning: .
i don’t make any offense but when i read your first post i l only see those points
" i want make a game
the game its about a prince on a medivial timeline
and …

that’s all :(.
i understand you want to keep your concept / project secret but there’s no element to be involved in your project and the same time your request for the open job are very detailled /skilled .

Also, it doesn’t seem like you are contributing anything really to the project–there’s plenty of people with ideas but if you want to get people to join then you need to be putting in as much work as you’re asking them to do. If you don’t have any applicable skills in game development then that’s a problem.

Okay. Now that matters have been somewhat clarified, talking can happen.

Which brings to mind the question of the specifics. I’ll hit that thing, just to see if I qualify:

Game Director/Script Writer (x1):
Good written English skills. Can follow the original Story Concept.

So. Research necessary? Main plotline - within conceptual constraint - creation necessary? Deep design necessary? Is the geographic setting fixed, or is it only the timeline?
Complete dialogue writing necessary? Item/object description necessary? How much actual historic knowledge is required (if a prerquisite, and not to be researched)? What is the suggested scope of the story, if it is already formulated?
Is there a feature map - and does it contain features that have to be explained in narrative terms?
Lastly, who gets the final call on the aforementioned decisions?

That aside, there are also questions you should be prepared to answer, not necessarily in public:

  1. Where is the actual company incorporated, legally and geographically speaking?
  2. When and how will the agreement between the company and team members be finalized? How will such agreements be broken?
  3. How will the royalties be distributed, should the project get any?

I am asking these questions because money, even if it exists only as a possibility, is a very tricky thing. I’ve found so far that it is best to get the question of its distribution out of the way as soon as possible, to concentrate on the actual project.

I’m not sure what’s the common attitude of the UE community towards this, but I still think the answers are important.

Well, I guess if I were a director of a game-making company, I’d have my hands full just maintaining the vision, making sure the sales fall through, making sure all legalities are taken care of, taxes paid, donations received, community presense maintained, work properly coordinated, timelines re-evaluated, team members encouraged, quarrels settled, conflicts resolved, opportunities used, languages learned, ambassadors received, ballistic lawyers deflected… you know, the usual run-of-the-mill stuff that any programmer worth his salt can handle.

Just so the team can get their recognition and money when the project is finished.

I think I can do about half those things, at present. So am I still of any use to a fledgling team? Do I even have anything real to contribute? :slight_smile:

Most of that stuff you’re not going to be doing until much later in development, if you even know what you’re doing. If you don’t have any development experience then it’s difficult to guide a team because you don’t know what challenges you’re going to face.
If all you have to contribute is an idea for a game, then it’s better off for a developer to work on their own ideas because everyone has plenty of ideas.

So, let me get this straight… people don’t need a leader because they themselves are leaders enough? Nobody should bother with the end-game because most won’t approach the end-game?

I think you have a faulty argument there lying in the word ‘a developer’. A person can work on their own ideas. Complexity of a number of people doing so is a function of a number of people.

For most projects the management position isn’t that intensive. At least not unless the project takes off. A programmer/artist can handle the management/leadership along with contributing to actual development. There’s a lot of posts though from people who only really have a game idea to offer, and that makes it difficult for a programmer or an artist to want to join their team since they’re the ones that have to do the most work. Everyone has game ideas, so a programmer/artist might use their time better by working on their own idea.

Well I tend to do all those things on my own, and I imagine that so would anyone I work with.

Given my experience with mangement that has no gamedev experience, I think I’d rather have the average intern run my development team.

That’s not true. **** I’m so dumb that I didn’t think to put every information needed about it. I’m really ashamed of myself. But aside from managing the team. I’ll be contributing to the project as a Programmer.

The game director/script writer will have the full control and freedom on everything you just said. So it will be like his original work created based in the original story concept.
“Item/object description necessary?” Yes, since It belongs to the World of the game.
“How much actual historic knowledge is required (if a prerquisite, and not to be researched)?” This is not actually a prerequisite, like I’ve said the director/scriptwriter has a full control on the story. He/she can create a unique culture or whatsoever for it. It really depends on the creativity of the director. The main job/work is, how are the story/plots going to be executed.

I cannot agree with this. Every, or any project needs a project manager. It will be messy to execute a project from the start without one. And personally as a team leader/project manager myself, I’m talking from my experience, The success of a project depends on the Project Manager and the cooperation of his/her team members. Well this is only my opinion about it.

I see that all the legalese questions have been successfully ignored :slight_smile:

Anyway, now would be a good time to try and settle on the scope of the project, and perhaps hear a little about the story concept?

Funny thing. “Dune” by Frank Herbert was a story about a prince (a minor one). Who survived a coup d’etat. Who took back his kingdom. In medieval times with active feudal system. IN SPACE.

My point is, perhaps you still should try and explain non-critical concept points to people.

So far I have just as many reservations as thoughts of actually helping; this isn’t good, man, this isn’t good at all.

I updated the thread. I hope it now contains all necessary information needed.