Sequencer Rendering Vehicles Problem

I’m having an issue rendering to video from the Sequencer while using a vehicle that was recorded as a Level Sequence the Sequencer recorder.

Everything looks great in the PIE window when I go to preview. But when it renders everything goes out of control.

I’m attaching a screen capture video of my process and the results. This is being demoed in a base vehicle level to show this is not just happening in the current level I’m working in. This is Unreal 4.13.2

If anyone has some ideas on how to correct this, I would really like to hear them.

No thoughts on this? Is this an expected result? Is this a bug? I can’t beleive no one else is having this same problem. It’s 100 % reproducible si I guess it’s a feature.

Sequencer is not a production ready feature and should be avoided for mission critical tasks!

In order to complete my project I had to use the XBox Screen capture utility and composite in AfterFX.