sequencer render ouput is awful quality


Anyone know why my sequencer render output would look worse than my actual ue4 realtime environment?

Seen a couple of posts on this forum and elesewhere but trying the following:

  • turning on ‘Use Separate process’ and
  • trying all of the available Anti Aliasing options under Settings

but no matter what the render output looks a million times worse than in viewport!!

anyone know whats going on here?


Seems my order of images are wrong. Last image is viewport and first is render output. Might be hard to tell a difference anyway;) due to the fact I had to reduce the resolution by some amount because of the upload file size limit of the forum.

Thanks in advance for any ideas/fixes.

Are you having the same problem as these people?

Adding your voice to existing threads might be more effective than starting new ones that might get lost in the sea of voices…

It could partly be the .avi format and render resolution of 1280 x 720. Try mpeg4 or a different format. AVI requires certain codecs to be installed on the computer, and it utilizes some of the older codecs.

its a still i want as ouput so swapped it for .png and tried at larger res but same result.
thanks though

yes i am!

continuing post there: