Sequencer Reflections and Translucency Broken? Engine 4.25.3

Hey all

Having a weird issue here. Super happy with my viewport. Sequencer render looks totally different. Can’t find a solution to this ANYWHERE. Thoughts? In the image below, viewport is on the left, sequencer is on the right. Notice the shadows and reflections under the car. Also, ray traced translucency is seemingly not working in sequencer render either.

I’ve made some discoveries that don’t necessarily solve my issue. Setting the roughness on my road to 1 and making it completely non-reflective. However, there’s still an issue with the chrome material on my wheels not properly rendering shadows (see the screenshot above; the back left wheel under the car is not receiving shadows). So now I’m considering just rendering everything with a gray material and compositing my shadows in After Effects. This is absurd.

Can anyone from Epic chime in here?


This is definitely a raytracing issue. I completely disabled raytracing in my project settings and now my sequencer render appears the same as my viewport. What on earth is going on here?