Sequencer record object with video texture

Hey guys, 2 questions closely related:
1st How do I use multiple video texture on different objects in 4.13?
2nd How do I record a video of of these objects using sequencer?
I cannot manage to make it work…
Thank you!

  1. If you want to play the same movie on multiple meshes, you can just attach the same media texture to each of the objects. If you want to play different movies, then you need to have multiple media players and media textures.

  2. This is not supported yet, sorry. We’re working on it.

Thank you. Do you have a workaround? I need to render a video of an interior with some screens playing videos, I’d prefer not to use mocha to fake it, but if there is no other alternative…

Has this been solved yet, is recording objects with video textures from sequencer supported yet? Currently all of my video textures just play random frames when it records, presumably because it can’t keep up.