Sequencer questions - Valley of the Ancients

Hey I had 2 issues that came up with sequencer in Valley of the Ancients.

  1. I created a new level sequence to film Echo sitting idle by the campfire. When I render, she is missing, and a button is overlayed on the video denoting “drone” and a icon for a mouse with the left button clicked…?

  2. I loaded the included sequence “Light_Sky_Transitions.” In this case, no matter what camera I choose in Camera Cuts, something else is overriding and rendering out. I don’t know how to disable it. And once again the drone button icon graphic pops up on the video.

Any help? I’m trying to explore UE5 for cinematic uses, but this behaviour is not what I’m used to in UE4.


OK, as per issue 1, in the Render Movie Settings, I was able to make her show up by ticking "“Show Player.” However I still need to figure out how to get rid of the drone button graphic popping up. The HUD is already disabled in the Render Movie Settings. What is that thing?