Sequencer Maximum Resolution


We’re doing a slightly crazy project that involves us rendering out a wide video to be displayed on 4 screens that are side by side. We’d render 4 different cameras but we get a doubled up image where the camera frustrums overlap. We’re using Sequencer to render out the images which is all working fine but the maximum resolution I can set it to is 7680. Meaning the maximum resolution I can do is 7680x1080, ideally I’d like to render wider than this so we can crop into the image. I’m wondering if this a hard limit for the engine or if there’s a way to go higher? We’re rendering at 8k width but only 1k height so in reality the actual resolution is the same as 4k. Any thoughts on if it’s possible to output at a higher resolution?



Yes, we are also trying to know if there is any ability to render higher than 8k

anyone find the solution… I also need high resolution renders … more than 7680

Please if anyone has an answer for this! I need a solution ASAP.

Set 7680 and increase screen percentega