sequencer JPG render output


When I render out a JPG seqeunce in sequencer I get very blurred textures on my meshes then I it gets
sharp again after few seconds. What could be causing this? Is it a camera movement???

Why is it adjusting / blurring the textures on some frames???


Most likely it is texture streaming. If this is only happening at the start of your cine then its because the engine does not know its about to happen. The reason it doesn’t happen during the cine is that the engine is automatically looking ahead on your director track and pre-streaming textures where it knows the camera will be.

You should be able to work around this simply by having some extra dead time with the camera at the right location. Just give it a few seconds there and delete the extra frames.

You can also do stat streaming to see how far over budget and that may help, but if you are not over budget and still see the problem, try giving it some time at the start of the cine.

******* Got it working I tunred on the texture streaming option in sequencer and now it looks much better and
no more blurring!! ********Thanks!!


what you said… adding extra frames at the start (like -500) I’m already doing this!! so it has some buffer to get things going. This works great and renders out the frames correctly, but then you get a bad few frames with some shots in my sequence you can see it go blurry a second then it goes ok again. Its always the same frames were
it goes wrong.’

I did another test today… with the bad sequence were the frames get blured. This is rendering out the MasterSequence let say between frame 716 and 1050 then
it looks perfect. But when I render out whole Master sequence frame 0000 - 1500 I get scene’s were the blurring appears.

Could this be my videocard I only have 2gig Geforce520HD not much power. That it can’t process it?

The only solution would be to render out in parts.
Frame 000 - 500 (jpg seq 1)
501-999 (jpg seq 2)
1000 - 1500 (jpg seq 3)

Hope to hear from you.